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Hat talks neurodivergent speech and language therapist

A little bit about Hat

Hat talks neurodivergent speech and language therapist

Hi, I’m Hat – welcome to hat.talks!

I’m an Autistic, semi-speaking Speech & Language Therapist. I was diagnosed in 2022 at the age of 26 after experiencing mental health difficulties and burnout from trying to pass as Neurotypical.

As well as my own experiences, I have a degree in Speech and Language Pathology and Psychology. Since qualifying I’ve  practiced Speech and Language Therapy within education settings, mental health and Neurodiversity (Autism and ADHD). 

I’m an owner of a Cockapoo called Meeno and hope to train him as an Emotional Support Animal and Therapy Dog when he is old enough.

When I’m not working I can be found cooking, baking, reading, hiking, weight-lifting and any other form of exercise. I am a massive foodie, dog-lover and keen world explorer. Also, as the name suggests: I love hats!

I initially made this blog to help people struggling with their mental health and so much of my content covers all things mental wellness. For the most part, this blog is to support people to have more understanding of Autism and reduce stereotypes associated, especially for females.